About Our Product !
ALCON, an experienced manufacturer and the leading innovator of wireless outdoor broadband equipment and WLAN platform, was established in 1993. Production began with design and manufacturing the ultra long-range cordless telephone system, we have expanded the product range to incorporate 2.4GHz/5.8GHz wireless LAN equipment using the latest radio technology.

Research, Development, and Manufacture:
ALCON emphasize on developing stable and reliable communication infrastructure to provide outstanding performance at superior coverage and high-speed transmission quality. Users can roam up to 30km outdoors with a high-speed transfer rate to set up their own wireless network for voice, data, and video transmission easily.

Our chief engineers and technicians have 20 years experience working in wireless communication system. We have released many CE/FCC certificated Wireless Outdoor Access Point (Bridge) Systems designed with/IP67 IP68 approval.

Our industry technology leadership is indisputable. Alcon. was the first company in Taiwan to introduce Outdoor corporate wireless product .Moreover, Alcon entered the WLAN market in 1995 with the Alcon™ series and became the major provider of wireless solutions. Alcon Product now used by more than 300nos OEM partner and more than 1000 nos sales partner all over world. Alcon™ is a brand providing Innovation, Solutions, Reliability and Technology. Alcon’s R&D department continuously focuses its efforts on developing the right products including Alcon™ WISP and Outdoor solutions, Alcon™ telecom Bridge solution and Alcon™ Pre-Wimax Long distance Bridge.
Brand Core Value
The Alcon Wireless team treats customers as real friends offering trust and providing high quality products and advanced technical support to build long-term partnership. on Wireless and end IP Camera.

High Quality
Alcon™ commits to delivering only the highest quality products to our partners following rules of ISO-9001-2000,

Professional Support
Alcon wireless is a professional networking brand and its team is committed to advanced technology and outstanding sales and marketing support. both for wireless and IP Camera.

Reliable Partnership
Alcon Wireless Team members work with partners and build up long term relationships and friendships.

Alcon Wireless products are just like your good friends you can trust and they can help you in your daily life. “Reliable, Simple yet Powerful Networking” shows that our products are easy to use and are becoming more and more popular

Alcon Wireless Advantages
Our Promises
Bring people together is our corporate slogan and it is ALCON WIRELESS’s promise. It ultimately illustrates ALCON WIRELESS's forward momentum and excellence in delivering the most innovative IP-based products and solutions. “It is a direct expression to tell who we are and what we do.

Highest industrial-grade IP68/IP67 weather-proof rugged outdoor chassis can withstand dust, rain, power surge, extreme temperatures, and vibration for longer environmental resistance.
  • License-free wireless spectrum lowers operating costs.

  • Faster deployment with easy-to-install/configure/maintain devices.

  • Scalable wireless access capacity brings highest service capacity per unit and smallest footprint for physical network setup.

  • Efficient bandwidth delivery on each link where bandwidth management guaranties the performance and quality of services (QoS).

  • Alcon Wireless product provides multiple configurable operational modes to fulfill the needs of connectivity, stability, flexibility and scalability in the fields.

  • Alcon range of Product coming with AP Management Software which allows the network administrator to gain fully control over the entire network infrastructure.

  • The Alcon Wireless solutions support voice/video/data converged applications and services including fast roaming among nearby access points.

  • The Alcon Wireless solutions support 802.11 Wi-Fi standards-based security protections over wireless links by WEP, WPA, 802.11i and 802.1X, and TKIP/AES encryption over WDS links.

  • The Alcon wireless is having all Range of Wireless Product in his basket, starting from Indoor Managed AP,Outdoor AP/Brige,Outdoor Single and Dual Layer 3 Mesh, Outdoor Surveillance AP/Bridge with inbuilt Video Server, Wireless Telecom Bridge for Backhaul and TDMoIP Solution ,Pre-Wimax Long distance Bridge for High bandwidth, two radio and four radio Solution for WISP, and Microwave Digital Product .
Alcon Wireless Product Range:
  • 2.4/5.8Ghz Point to point and Point to multi point

  • 2.4/5.8Ghz Broadband wireless Products

  • 2.4Ghz Indoor Wi-Fi System

  • 5.8Ghz TDMoIP product

  • 2.4/5.8Ghz Layer2 & Layer 3 Mesh Product Range

  • 5.8Ghz telecom Bridge for High speed dome

  • Alcon total Managed QOS system

  • Alcon long range telecom system

  • Alcon Mobile Jammer Series

  • Alcon Wireless Antenna series

  • Alcon VOIP product Range

  • Alcon Mobile Jammer Range

  • Alcon Pre-wimax Product range

  • Alcon Digital Microwave Product (8E1+LAN)

  • Alcon 3/3.5g Wireless-N Router.
Alcon Wireless, India lunches the high end ALCON-LINK series IP Megapixel (HDTV) series Camera that suit your every need , now we have CMOS and CCD both Megapixel, Indoor fixed , Ceiling mount , outdoor fixed IR and High speed dome camera(1st Time in India) in our basket . Our Product is ISO certified with CE, FCC and our product is a member of ONVIF*

Alocn Wireless Tied up with 4IPNET for Managed WLAN Solution ( India Market )
Alcon Wireless, India is the official distributor of 4IPNET networking devices for manageable, reliable and secure wireless access. The Wireless Product Range Secure WLAN controller support 60~500nos Access Point, Wireless Hotspot Gateway series, Instant Hotspot KIT,Enetrprise Access point series support b/g/n as well as a/b/g/n.

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